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내친구의두엄마 Two Mothers of My Friend 2018
내친구의두엄마 Two Mothers of My Friend 2018

내친구의두엄마 Two Mothers of My Friend 2018

Genre: Korean
Quality: Year: Duration: 58 MinView: 2,660 views
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One day, Minho ‘s dad brings his lover’ s performance to life, and tells Sammi to divorce. 

Minho says he can not accept it, and Minho, who is angry, tells him to listen carefully when he takes care of him. He says that if he does not divorce within a month, he will chase it out chilly.  Minho comforts her mother and says she will do it somehow. 

Minho, who tells him to go home and not leave home playing. My old dad asked me what was good.  Minho tempts him to drive him out and tells him that he can continue to do it when he becomes a mother. Minho, who refuses to tempt her, thinks of an idea. Minho, who asks her friend to come home and invite her to play.

I would like to ask for a friend’s mother whom I have been discussing well since. I am surprised to hear that plan by chance. 

After a while, Minho who came home with his brother when he was alone. Minho goes to the stage to get out of his seat and tempts him, and Minho takes a picture of it. Minho shows the video taken by the performer. Eventually she leaves.

After playing the music, Sang-mi called Hyunjin home. Thank you for your efforts, but I can not live with my husband. She is holding her to comfort her. In the future, he will give you responsibility. In the end, Sammy divorces her and is with her.

Tagline: Korean Movie 18+
Language: Korean

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