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내 동생의 아내 My brother's wife
내 동생의 아내 My brother's wife 2018

내 동생의 아내 My brother’s wife 2018

Genre: Korean
Quality: Year: View: 2,789 views
6 votes, average 80.0 out of 10

Dohyeon and Minjoon who are close brother brother. 

When I meet at a long time and drink, I need a place to stay in Seoul for three months because my brother Minjoon is working. Do Hyun tells me to stay in his honeymoon home for a while. 
Dohyeon, Minjoon, and Dohyeon’s wife Mijin who have been living in such a house. 
Mijin, who saw Do-hyun’s work on his own and works out on his own, suffers from his masculinity and eventually goes into his room secretly.

Tagline: Korean Movie 18+
Language: Korean

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