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등산의 참맛 The True Taste of Mountain Climbing

등산의 참맛 The True Taste of Mountain Climbing 2019

Genre: Korean
Quality: Year: Duration: 75 MinView: 3,226 views
7 votes, average 82.0 out of 10

Minji, who has been in a happy marriage, gets divorced after a car accident and divorces him / herself because of severe depression and gangrene. 

Then I feel irritated even in complex city life and leave to the provinces. Fortunately, I have learned the hobby as a drone control technique, so 

I will be working as a wildfire watchman using a  drones. Minji, who mostly works alone, works with her partner in her 40s while working. Min-ji’s partner Tae-hoon seems to be long-lived and has no motivation for everything. I can not even handle the dragon and pilot the drone. Min – ji does not want to be such a Tae – hoon but he does not care and spends every day. 

Both Minji and Taehoon, who are having a conversation with each other on the observation course together, argue with the personality and generational difference, but they know that there is a pain in the heart and enjoy the relaxation of life in the forest. 

The abandoned life of two men, women and men, girls and uncles, who never seemed to fit , continues to be breathtaking today.

Tagline: Korean Movie 18+
Language: Korean

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