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A Lady 노리개 아줌마 2018 Korean Adult Movie
A Lady 노리개 아줌마 2018 Korean Adult Movie

A Lady 노리개 아줌마 2018

Genre: Korean
Quality: Year: Duration: 60 MinView: 774 views
2 votes, average 69.0 out of 10

“Hozo Maki,” who has been married for seven years with her husbands and husbands. She invites her subordinates to celebrate her husband’s promotion and invites them to a celebration party, but the husband, who usually makes a harsh speech to them, ends up hating them in celebration. Nakata, a subordinate who can not tolerate her, is forced to punish Marki while he is drunk and instead of punishing her husband. Nakata and her colleagues come to me after a while and treat her like a toy. In the meantime, they wait for Makie’s husband to leave the office and try to show him what he is with her …

Tagline: Korean Adult Movie
Language: Korean

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