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A wife 남의아내 2018
A wife 남의아내 2018

A wife 남의아내 2018

Genre: Korean
Quality: Year: Duration: 77 MinView: 1,571 views
2 votes, average 81.0 out of 10
Steal another man’s wife

This is a doll that moved to a newly built rural house in a secluded suburb due to the husband (forgiveness) who runs a rental housing project. 
The pros give the person who decorates the new house to decorate the dolls as they want, but the dolls are rough and do not like the ones that are their own. 
The doll asks the pros to change people, but the pros ignore the interior style and leave for local business for a few days. 
After the pros have left, Jeho keeps the dolls that keep ignoring him and reveals their true colors … 
In fact, Jeo is a husband of Min-ji, a fellow of the pros and cons, and intentionally approached for revenge for the pros. 
The dolls that are confined to and kept under control by Jeho embrace the story of such a title, and open their minds to Jeho with their sorryness for the betrayal and favoring of the favor. 
The intimate vengeance of a quiet housewife who has become a wife for 10 days without a husband begins.

Tagline: Korean Movie 18+
Language: Korean

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