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Alaska Polar Bear 알래스카 북극곰 2018

Alaska Polar Bear 알래스카 북극곰 2018

Genre: Korean
Quality: Year: Duration: 76 MinView: 1,478 views
5 votes, average 84.0 out of 10

Alaska Polar Bear 알래스카 북극곰 2018

As an adult filmmaker, I can not speak a lot but if I get excited, I have a character and a big voice. The father, who was a lustful father, only thinks that woman is a tool to relieve sexual desire. I am currently operating a cafe with coffee that I learned to comfort the mind and body. His sex partner, erotic actor Dodo Hee, continues his sexual life without inspiration. On the other hand, one day when the youngest actor in Alaska works at Taejun’s cafe, Taejun breaks her sexual desire and violates her

Tagline: Korean Movie 18+
Language: Korean

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