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Malèna 2000
Malèna 2000

Malèna 2000

Genre: Drama, Romance
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18 votes, average 7.8 out of 10

I know her so many places!
A small town in the midst of the Second World War, in the sunshine of the Mediterranean. Fascinating Malena. When you walk, everyone, from child to adult, looks at her. The girls are ten years old innocent boy – Renato, who starts to wiggle at envy and is beside her.
With the news of her husband’s warriors, Malena became the subject of desire, jealousy, and anger. Men do not give jobs because they are afraid of their wives, and women are blinded by jealousy and start framing her. Eventually, the people condemn Malena, who had to sell her laughter to the Germans, and she was forced to leave somewhere late in the night. Only the boy Renato will keep the truth and patronize his last.
And a year later, when the wounds of the war heal, Malena appears again in the village. Her husband, who thought she was dead by her side, was wearing a handkerchief.

Tagline: Movie 18+
Language: Korea

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