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Extraordinary Memories 과외의 추억 2018
Extraordinary memories 과외의 추억 2018

Extraordinary Memories 과외의 추억 2018

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 74 MinView:
18 votes, average 7.0 out of 10

Extraordinary Memories 과외의 추억 2018


Teacher, do not go! A secret tutor with a student begins!
Sejin who goes to a prestigious university has a lot of money and a pretty girlfriend. Sejin is becoming more and more irritated with his relationship with Min Hye. She comes up with a blindfolding app introduced by her friend Moo-hyuk. She comes across a woman who needs a feeding through a blindfolding application. She was a teacher of Sejin’s tutor a few years ago. Sejin, who had been neglected and stressed by Sul-hee, came to see her diary while meeting Sul-hee with the intent to compete with Sul-hee. Sejin, who has learned the truth of Sul-hee, is getting better and better. Then one day, Sejin confesses his love to Sul-hee, and while he is dating, he grants his girlfriend a relationship with Sul-hee. Min-hye, who has a senior civil servant’s father, tells Se-jin not to dream of becoming a civil servant What choice will Sejin make?

Tagline: Movie 18+
Language: Korea

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